Larksfield Surgery Medical Partnership

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Updating your details

Changing your telephone numbers

It is important that when you change your telephone numbers you keep the surgery up to date. This is because without having the most up to date numbers you may miss out on vital information trying to be passed on from doctors/reception/dispensary staff.

Changing address

If you have moved house but still live within our catchment area, there is a form in Reception that needs to be filled in and return to us.
If you are now out of our catchment area, you will need to register with another more local practice.

Changing your name

If you are changing your name, you will need to provide supporting documents e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll documents, Decree Absolute or other relevant documents. Without these supporting documents we will not be able to update your records.

Obtaining medication from our Dispensary

If you currently are able to obtain your medication from our dispensary, you may not be able to after your move if you have moved outside our authorised dispensing area – or visa versa – please check with the Reception or Dispensary.