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There are two levels of involvement available; the first is to join the PPG Committee. This involves attending around 6 short meetings per year at the surgery.  There are a maximum of 14 patients representing nearly 13,000 registered with the practice. At the moment, we still have 3 vacancies on the committee.

The second level is the wider PPG. This requires much less commitment, just occasionally giving your views on questions and issues raised by the PPG or Larksfield practice.  The PPG may contact you about a variety of topics, including existing policies and procedures or new ones being introduced and ask you for your opinions.  You do not need to have any medical experience to join either committee.

If you would like to hear more about the Larksfield PPG please ask at the reception desk at the surgery.  Alternatively, contact the PPG by completing the form below.

Patient Participation Groups are an effective way for patients and GP surgeries to work together to promote health and improved quality of care.  PPGs are making a real difference across the United Kingdom and your PPG can help to improve local services.  We would like to hear from you.

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